Yorick is on the Hunt for Actors! 

L’Origine by Lilianne Milgrom is due to be released on 17th November 2023.

This radio play is based on Lilianne Milgorm’s best-selling book, L’Origine. It follows the fascinating journey of the notorious realist painting, L’Origine du monde, created by Gustave Courbet, its dangerous journey across Europe following his exile, and then finally its rescue and recognition as the influential masterpiece that we know it as today.

There are seven roles available. Although we’re looking for characters to sound as though they are specific ages, the actors themselves can be any age. However, all performers must be over the age of 16. For four of the available roles (listed below), we would prefer to cast people of specific backgrounds, though this is not essential. 

The Roles: 

Khalil Bey – Male. 30s. A powerful man with a great appreciation for artistry. We would prefer to cast someone from Turkish or Eygiptian heritages in this role

Charles Saint Beuve – Male. 60s. A critic and social engineer. Confident and proud. 

Gustave Courbet – Male. 40s. The artist. Egotistical and passionate about the realist movement. 

Edmond de Goncourt – Male. 60s. A social climber. Allows his social anxiety to get in the way of his true desires. 

Ferenc Hatvany – Male. 60s. A brave and dignified man who stands up to the invading Nazi’s. We would prefer to cast an actor of Jewish heritage in this role.

Adolph Eichmann – Male. 30s. A cruel and bigoted man, in full support of the Nazi regime.

Sylvia Bataille – Female. 70’s. A duty bound and heartbroken art patron. We would prefer to cast an actor of Jewish heritage in this role.

Performers will need to be available for one online rehearsal and one online group recording session, each approximately one hour in length. These will take place between 15th September and 30th October. Exact dates will be agreed based on cast availability.

Actors will be paid a fee of £10.42 per hour for their work, including rehearsals, and will be credited at the end of the show, as well as on our website. 

Click on the link to our google form to apply.

We look forward to hearing from you!