About us

The Yorickal Historical

The podcast was launched on the 29th of May 2020. It was born from a conversation in the Glasgow Underground between Rosie and Mon and xer (desperate!) need for a creative outlet. 

Our mascot, Yorick, started as a simple doodle of a skeleton. Radio has been called the theatre of the skull, and the most famous skull in all of Literary-Land is held by Shakespeare’s Hamlet.  Even better, Yorick was a fool and entertainer in life! So our Yorick became a skeleton in a jester’s costume that wanted to delight a new audience. 

With the first episode title of Audio (Rosie was very Creative!) and a focus on Our failures and our fun, Rosie created the first episode on nothing but an iphone, a prayer, and a passion for literary arts. From that fateful day, many many more followed – every week in fact!

Cat soon jumped on board, and was the main feature of the third episode, with their short story, Silas Boggs, and was followed shortly afterwards by Ellis with The Useless Citizen Act, and Mon with their interview about literary genius, James Hogg.  

With over 125 episodes to date, Yorick has hosted a great many guests, ranging from young first time writers growing their audience to established authors with fully-fledged series under their belts. We’ve enjoyed playing exciting characters from never-before-heard radio plays, interviewing writers, actors, directors and others about their art, and listening to old classics that often go unappreciated, as well as having a lot of fun while we do it. 

The Merry Nativity was the first time the team came together as actors. It was a massive project for Yorick, and a wonderful experience where everyone ended up with bellyaches from laughter (as you might be able to hear from our annual outtakes episodes). This show cemented the energy that we wanted for the podcast: collaborative, inventive and most of all lots of fun to make and to listen to.

Now that you are all caught up we are so excited for you to be a part of our story as we keep creating, learning and making merry! 

With our three core values of

Encouragement, Integrity, and Respect.

Our goal is to uplift voices from all walks of life. 

The audio world can only benefit from hearing stories and experiences from many backgrounds. We want to provide that space for your voice.