Our Court Jesters

Yorick operates with the help of a small family of friends who have a passion for all things literary. 

Rosie Beech (xe/xer) – Jester and Chief Comedian 
Rosie is the founder, producer and host of Yorick Radio Productions. Xe studied Theatre and Performance at Glasgow University and Sound Production at the University of the Highlands and Islands. Rosie is now a voice actor, author and playwright.  Ever since being given a walkman tape player at 4 years old, Rosie has been addicted to audio books and radio plays. Xe seeks out writing with an unusual spark that makes the reader question and opens their minds to new possibilities. Rosie lives in the Scottish countryside (mostly dwelling in the hedges) with xer feral cat, Sir Walter Scott, and both of them are excited to go on epic literary quests with their friends to find and share more excellent writing!

Ellis Jamieson (they/them) – Admin Magician
By night, Ellis skulks the Yorick submissions folder, seeking out new and exciting writing to keep them entertained and busy. By day, they poke and prod the paperwork until it’s in the right pile, and try to make sure everything is kept in order, all while keeping the Jest in jester, of course. They’ve written for many years, and have dabbled in everything from prose to poetry to play writing. They have a special love of dark, gothic literature that questions reality or throws a new light on an old way of thinking. Anything supernatural and spooky is a massive win. They have been friends with Rosie for eight years, and have worked on Yorick as a writer, actor and editor since its fifth episode. They frequently perform as an actor for the podcast, bringing a fantastic comedic delivery (if they do say so themselves!), and have assisted in the production of several shows, making their writing a mainstay of scintillating stories. They are very excited to be involved in Yorick and to work with all the new jesters joining our courtly community.

Mon Burns (they/them) – Editing Knight
Monica Burns is a comic artist and writer. They spend their time frantically dashing between art, writing, and mixing the two together in a wonderful creative splodge on their ipad. Elsewhere on the internet, you’ll find their work in comics and art under their handle @mjburns_art, but here in Yorick’s Court, they are the Knight of Editing! They have studied English Literature (University of St Andrews), Creative Writing (University of Aberdeen) and Comics (University of Dundee). They also worked for the literary science fiction magazine, Shoreline of Infinity, as assistant editor for 4 years. It is their honour to say they were there when the notion of Yorick first became a twinkle in Rosie’s eye, and have appeared on the podcast since its inception as an actor and interviewee. They are excited to be a part of Yorick’s Court and, as the Court Knight of Editing, are looking forward to doing battle with the mountains of submissions we hope to receive.

Cat Scott (they/them) – Chamberlain Critic 
Playwright, reviewer, actor, director – Cat wears so many hats it’s a wonder they all fit on their head! Caught stealing books off the family shelves from the age of two, they have hoarded their paper-back treasures like a dragon ever since, and are currently living inside a creative cave of wonders. While they enjoy letting audiences know about their favourite reads, for them there’s nothing more fun than a good ol’ fashioned rant review, hence their position as Court Critic. They have been part of Yorick Radio Productions since its inception as an actor and reviewer, and having seen the podcast go from strength to strength. They’re looking forward to seeing Yorick embark on new adventures.

Writing Credits


I Curled With Bauchans – Crab Apple Literary, 2023

Lewellen’s Last Stand – Jaberwookie Magazine, 2020

Antique Spirit – Jaberwookie Magazine, 2019

I will Wait for You – StAR Radio, 2019


Founder and Manager of Yorick Radio Productions, 2020-present

First Reader for Scottish Arts Trust Short story competition, 2023



Stolon – New Writing Scotland, 2024

This is What You Are – Penta Cat Press, 2024

Just take the Pill – Project 514 415, 2024

Everything is Different – Duck Duck Mongoose, 2023

Roses are Red (Poetry) – The Bad Day Book, 2023

You Make My Heart Sing – Coin-Operated Press, 2023

So Long We Become the Flowers – Parliament Literary Journal, 2023 (Pushcart Prize Nominee)

The Queen is Dead – Bacopa Literary Review, 2023

The Black and White Fallacy – Longlisted for the Emerging Writer Award, 2023

She’ll be a Writer – Briefly Write, 2023

Mx.ed Up – Winner of the Flash Fiction Prose Purple Writing Competition, 2023

The Useless Citizen Act – Shoreline of Infinity, 2017 and Yorick Radio Productions, 2020


Reader, Editor, and Administrator, Yorick Radio Productions, 2023-present



Language of the Birds – Edinburgh Award for Flash Fiction (Shortlisted), 2024

Parthian Shot – Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival Writing Competition (Shortlisted), 2023

Should Be Seen and Not Heard – Loft Books, 2023

Librené – Longlisted for the Emerging Writer Award, 2023

Chain of Whispers – little livingroom, 2023

Behind Every Beautiful Thing – Tangled Web Magazine, 2023

The Little Barley Corne – Gutter, 2023

Article Series SF Caledonia, Shoreline of Infinity (Longlisted for the BSFA Award Non-Fiction)


Reader, Yorick Radio Productions, 2023-present

Assistant Editor and First Reader, Shoreline of Infinity, 2015-2018



Speaking Bolshevik – (workshop and reading) online, Playwright’s Studio Scotland’s Playwright Mentoring Programme, 2020-2021

Patrick’s Progress – (production) St Andrews and online, 2018 and 2020

Poor Painted Queen – (workshop and reading) Traverse Theatre, 2017, and 365 Women a Year database, 2018

Ravenscraig – 365 Women a Year database, 2017

Shakespeare Syndrome – (production) Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 2016

Antic Disposition – (production) St Andrews, 2015

[An adaptation of] A Christmas Carol – (production) St Andrews, 2014

This Breathing World – (production) St Andrews, 2014


Reader for Yorick Radio Productions, 2023-present

First Reader for Tangled Web Magazine, 2022-present

The Book Wyrm – Reviews blog, 2019-2022

Broadway Baby, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 2015 and 2018