Why Publish With Us?

There are a lot of reasons for you to choose to publish with Yorick!

  • Yorick Radio Productions is a new and exciting platform for your work. You’ll be part of the foundations of our community and maybe even become one of our regulars on the show. 
  • Hearing stories come to life through Yorick Radio makes for a unique and dynamic way of presenting your work to the world. Imagine hearing the sound of swords clash as you read aloud your battle scene, or the sound of thunder in your stormy night. What better way to bring alive your work than on our podcast.
  • Listening to the podcast is free, which means that your friends and family don’t have to purchase anything to experience your work. All they have to do is tune in using Apple Music, Spotify, or GooglePodcast.
  • Our podcast is fantastic for accessibility for our audience. Don’t have time to read? Always on the go? Not confident with reading? Don’t enjoy it? Then all you need to do is listen. Your story can be heard on the go, at any time.
  • Depending on the length of your work, you’ll either get an entire episode dedicated to your writing, or share the spotlight with a small selection of other talented authors.
  • Where literary magazines published in hard copy may be limited to specific locations, our Podcast is global. This gives your work the opportunity to meet with a wider audience, anywhere at any time. Relatives in another country across the world? No problem! Just send them the link and they’ll have instant access.  
  • Being published on Yorick Radio is another great writing credit to add to your growing portfolio. 
  • You have the opportunity to have your creative voice amplified (literally). We’d love to hear from our authors and talk about their creative process on the Podcast, giving them the opportunity to tell us what they think about their craft and how they create. 
  • Our submissions are free and so is listening along. 

What we ask in return

  • Exclusive audio publication rights for 3 months.
  • Non-exclusive rights thereafter.