At Yorick, we love producing plays for our Radio Revelry segment. To do this, we rely on our growing Repertory Theatre to help us bring our scripts to life. Check out our family of awesome actors below!

Alice Gold (She/Her)

Alice Gold is an actor and singer with natural funny bones and the valuable skill of finding a good party to attend with a glass of fizz in hand. She trained at the Guildford School of Acting and continues her training with the London Meisner Company.

Theatre credits include: The Baroness, A Dickens of a Christmas (East Riding Theatre); Jordan, alex getting better (Theatre Zima – nominated Best Supporting Actor in the BroadwayWorldAwards 2022); Ensemble, Big Weekender (NYT x Pappy Show x Royal Court); Dorcas/Mme. Martineau, Frost Hollow Hall (East Riding Theatre); Mouth, Not I (Wanton Theatre); Brenda, The Orchard (East Riding Theatre x Other Lives, rehearsed reading); Esther, This is Not America (Stephen Joseph Theatre, rehearsed reading); Audrey, GhostWriter (Undone Theatre x Bridge Theatre); Siobhan/Penny/Moira, Birdie, Cait and the Book of Life (workshop for JPP).

Film/TV credits include: Amy Shaw, Miss Walker (Fulfilment Pictures, pilot); Christine, Residency (All Farthing Productions Ltd.)
Alice also produces, previously producing and performing in the sell-out Grads Sing Sondheim at the Other Palace and, more recently, Sing, Sing, Sing at the West End’s Phoenix Arts Club.

Credits for Yorick Radio Productions: Ida Baker, A Public of Two; Mom the Robot, The Simulation.


Ariadne Taw (She/Her)

Ariadne Taw performed in Seattle Children’s Theatre’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Munchkin/Flying Monkey/Shadow Puppets), the world-premiere of Black Beauty (Young Girl/Grandchild) and Summer Season show 101 Dalmatians/Aristocats (Lucky/Alley Cat) and studied in SCT’s Drama School. She performed in two seasons of ACT Theatre’s A Christmas Carol (2022 Belinda; 2021 Elizabeth/Fran). Her favourite youth theatre experiences include Stage Struck Seattle’s Matilda (Matilda) and Hamilton (Alexander Hamilton); Sing Out Seattle’s Willy Wonka (Veruca). Ari loves to sing while her dad plays ukulele and accompanies herself on the piano.

Credits for Yorick Radio Productions: Agatha Lin, My Polar Summer.


Ariana Ellis (She/her)

Ariana Ellis is a doctoral candidate in the University of Toronto’s Department of History. She works on sensory, social, and emotional history, with a focus on the public memory and rituals of execution in early modern Venice and London. Ariana has also published on immersive pedagogical game development and the integration of video games and history. She is a research assistant and the communications manager for the University of Toronto’s DECIMA Project. She is on X (formerly Twitter) and Bluesky as @writingmedieval and her website can be found at

Credits for Yorick Radio Productions: Tannin, The Merry Nativity and Secret Saint; Alexis the Producer, Ancient Greece; Guest Speaker, Audio; Guest speaker, The Sesame Approach; Guest Speaker, Interactive Theatre; Eva Farmer, Communicable; Derksen, Absurd; Guest Speaker, Moniack Mhor.


Dominique V. Flook (She/her)

Dominique V. Flook is an international award winning performer known for her dynamic and spellbinding stage presence. With a background in theatre and dance, she brings a unique blend of skills to each project she works on. When not performing Dominique is an event organiser most notably for Dark Rites, an alternative cabaret show in the heart of Cardiff.

Credits include:  La Divinia Commedia (Nuova Teatro San Paolo, Rome);The Underworld, (Hotel Arena, Amsterdam), Dark Britannia (The Lost Theatre, London); Journey Through A Perfumed Garden (Brentford Arts Centre, London); Wonderland – The Fleece, Bristol, You Think Your Job’s Scary? (ETC Theatre, Camden), Death & The Maiden; (Nothing Theatre, Cardiff)

Credits for Yorick Radio Productions: Nessa, Thirteen Skulls.


Ellisha O’Donnell  (She/Her)

Ellisha O’Donnell is a Scottish actor and artist based in Glasgow, who is passionate about all things creative. She trained in acting and has years of experience both on stage and behind the scenes. Ellisha has achieved a diverse range of experiences in contemporary, and classical shows, like in ‘Be My Baby’ as Dolores and, in ‘Othello’ as Emilia. Over the last few years, Ellisha has explored new storytelling mediums, lending her voice to a poetry album and several Yorick Radio Productions projects like ‘Radio Revelry- Communicable’ and ‘A Public Of Two’. Ellisha also looks forward to her involvement in some exciting upcoming projects!


Credits for Yorick Radio Productions: Ezra, The Merry Nativity; Nikki, The Simulation; Guest speaker, The Sesame Approach; Shauna Rodwell, Communicable; Anne, John Donne; Caves, Managing Creativity; Guest Speaker, Behind the Scenes; Katherine Mansfield, A Public of Two.


Geraint Pickard  (He/Him)

Geraint is a voiceover artist and voice actor from Pontypridd in South Wales.  After training at The Oxford School of Drama, Geraint toured Welsh theatres for a few years, before concentrating solely on voice work.  Since then he has voiced all kinds of projects, including large Government campaigns, TV and Radio Commercials, Audio Books, Audio Dramas, Corporate and Explainer Videos, Museum Audio Guides, meditation apps and children’s storytelling apps.

Credits for Yorick Radio Productions: Gareth, Thirteen Skulls.


Jack Ayres  (He/Him)

Jack Ayres is a Welsh actor and voice actor based in East London. Trained on the BA Acting course at East 15, Jack has since gone on to work across theatre, TV, audio and more. Specialising in voice work, Jack has worked across many video games from AAA to Indie on such titles as Baldurs Gate 3, The Forgotten City, Arknights, Expeditions Rome and more. Jack has a real passion for storytelling, especially mythology and legends and has also narrated audiobooks and featured in various audio dramas.You can find all his previous credits and keep up to date with his work here:

Credits for Yorick Radio Productions: Dale, Thirteen Skulls.


Mark Mcartney (He/Him)

After beginning acting in 2017 and graduating with a diploma in Acting & Performance in 2020, Scottish actor Mark McCaoimhín (Pronounced ‘Mac-Kwee-Vin’, for the non-Celt types!) has since been working in various live and voice acting roles, and having worked with Yorick various times, is very happy to working in projects with them once more as he continues to develop his talent and career.
Credits for Yorick Radio Productions: Guest speaker The Sesame Approach, Albert King Communicable, Herod The Merry Nativity, Donne John Donne.


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